Christmas and New Year Cleaning!


Christmas and New Year are always busy times at Oven Cleaning Group. Our customers either want to make sure that their oven is ready and clean for the big day, or they want to get the Christmas dinner cooking out of the way and get their oven cleaned and shining for the New Year. Here are a few Christmas dinner cooking facts that might surprise you!

Love it or loath it – most families in the UK will serve a succulent turkey for their Christmas dinner this year. According to Statista, 69% of families will eat turkey while 7% will eat fish.

But why is this? In England most people actually ate goose for Christmas until the 16th century when King Henry VIII is said to have swapped his usual bird for a Norfolk Black turkey. The fashion spread and turkeys soon became the meat of choice.

Christmas pudding was originally a soup made of raisins and wine! We don’t know about you, but we’re particularly happy that it changed to what we enjoy today.

In Australia most families have a BBQ or a grill for Christmas as the day falls right in the middle of their summer. We don’t often get asked to clean a BBQ but we’d definitely make a good go of it.

At the Oven Cleaning Group we hope that you’ve all had a merry Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2023!


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