Jamie Oliver – let us clean your oven!


At Oven Cleaning Group we LOVE to watch a decent cooking programme (for obvious reasons) and we’ve been really enjoying seeing our favourite school dinner crusader, Jamie Oliver, trying to take the stress out cooking by doing simple recipes that only use one pan. If you’ve not seen it then take a look at His frying pan pasta in episode one looked delicious and his smoky noodle soup with fresh mussels (yummers!) in episode two had all of our mouths watering. BUT when it came to episode three, Jamie roasted a pork joint in the oven completely uncovered and let the grease go everywhere! We’re not wanting to do ourselves out of any business but come on Jamie, you’ll need to take better care of your best friend (your oven!) than that. Don’t worry, we’d like to personally offer you a free oven clean in exchange for some of those sticky toffee apple buns from episode seven – they looked incredible!

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