The Oven Cleaning Group – it all starts with family


Oven Cleaning Group is a family business run by dedicated husband and wife team Ben and Kate. With well over 10 years of experience in cleaning all types of ovens they’ve brought many an oven back to its former glory, but how did it all start? Here’s what they had to say about it…

Ben – ‘It might seem strange to actually set out to clean ovens as it’s one of those jobs that people understandably just hate doing. But I have always loved restoring old things and bringing them back to life so cleaning ovens is just an extension of that. Strange as it may sound, I get genuine satisfaction from taking an old, dirty oven and making it look brand new again. I also love seeing our customers faces light up when they see the transformation – it really makes me feel that I’m doing something worthwhile.’

Kate - ‘When we met, Ben had been cleaning ovens for a while and my background was in organising businesses so it just made sense that we came together to make it work and to bring the Oven Cleaning Group on.’

Ben – ‘Yes, I’d gotten to the point where my days were packed with cleaning ovens and it was getting harder to have the time to organise the diary and to think about expanding the business. Kate is brilliant at all of that and I’m much happier out in the van and letting her organise me! Since then we’ve grown Oven Cleaning Group and I’ve been able to personally expand and train our team. We’ve now got more vans on the road and we can make sure that we’re providing the best possible service.’

Kate –‘Also, when Ben started he concentrated on just doing domestic jobs but now we’ve expanded to look at cleaning large scale, commercial kitchens as well as part of our other company The Kitchen Cleaning Group. I know that it sounds really corny but there really is no job too big or small for our team and we’re now in a great place to help any customer, whoever they are and whatever they need. On top of that we’ve also got four kids at home so I always make sure that there’s space in the diary for Ben to come home and clean our oven as well – there has to be some perks to marrying an oven cleaner!’

Ben – ‘Moving forward, we want to grow Oven Cleaning Group now and add more valuable team members so that we can clean more ovens in a bigger area. We’re both really proud of what we’ve achieved to date and it’s just incredibly exciting to see what lies ahead.’

If you’d like to benefit from all of these dedicated years of experience then book an oven clean today - click here to send an email or call 0800 9998827 to speak to one of the team.

We clean ovens in large areas of Hampshire and the South Coast